What You Should Know About Writing Scholarships & Grants

Writing Scholarships

Writing scholarships doesn't have to cause anxiety but many families find that when it's time to go to college, the word "scholarship" causes confusion for both students and parents.

We automatically think about student loans, FAFSA, tuition and fees, EFC, grants, and work study. But what we don't realize is that knowing more about the scholarship process could save us thousands of dollars when trying to cover the cost of our kids' education.

Scholarships are "free money" given away by the government, private institutions and organizations, charitable foundations, schools, universities, clubs, etc. Unlike loans, scholarships are not repaid to the scholarship provider.

Some of the scholarships available are:

  • Athletic Scholarships
  • National Merit Scholarships
  • Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Professional, Career, and Trade Association-Sponsored
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study
  • Ethnic and Religious Scholarships
  • Community Organization Sponsored Scholarships
  • Special Scholarships
  • Alumni Legacy Scholarships
  • Transfer Student Scholarships

With so many scholarships, how do you know which one to apply to or where can you go for an application?

Some scholarships are based on your kid's grades or financial needs, while others are awarded based on ethnic groups, athletic or artistic abilities, or given to students interested in a particular field. Writing scholarships is an important part of the college process.

In some instances, your kids don't have to have perfect grades to apply for a scholarship, and some don't even ask for any proof of income.

For example, the Work-Study Scholarship will require your kid to work part-time for the money given and most jobs are on campus.

Finding information on scholarships on the Internet can be difficult because you won't find everything you need to know to finance your child's education.

A year ago, when my daughter was going to college, I searched the Internet and the only thing I found simple enough to do was fill out a FAFSA application. Since I didn't have time to search the Internet at the moment, and because other information I found was so confusing, I decided just to fill out the application and did nothing else.

I promised myself that for the next year, I would search in advance because even though my daughter got some financial aid, I was convinced that there had to be other resources out there for her education.

That's when I came across a guide written by a father that went through the process of getting a scholarship for his child, who spent time talking to financial aid officers at many universities and discovered that just filling out the CSS Profile and FAFSA financial aid forms and meeting some deadlines is only half the battle in acquiring Federal Pell grants, college need-based grants, and Federal Stafford and Perkins loans.

I learned how college financial aid offices actually determine what federal aid and state grants will be given out to potential students and if you know in advance how to prepare yourself to receive the maximum amount for your child's college education, you will obtain better results.

Once you know where to find the information and when and how to apply for a scholarship, it will be easy to obtain financial aid for your kids.

By Maria Estarellas

How To Find A Job
Writing Scholarship and Grant Applications

Writing Scholarships and grants can be a very rewarding writing career. But do you have what it takes to land freelance writing jobs writing scholarships and grants?

Many people are looking for ways to develop a freelance business, but unless you know what it takes to do so, you might as well stop trying.

There are several fields in which you can learn and have many jobs waiting for you. For example writing scholarships for college as well as scholarship and grant writing jobs are big business today. If you have helped a student with this you know that college scholarships can be difficult to say the least.

So, if you can learn this, and feel like you have a grasp on it you will be able to specialize in writing scholarships and grants.

Think about all the different Scholarships available today.

  • College scholarships
  • Student scholarships
  • Catholic high school scholarships
  • Scholarships for women
  • Nursing scholarships

...and the list goes on.

Here, we will talk a little about how to find jobs in grant & Scholarship writing.

First, we would like to touch on what you need to do to get those freelance grant and scholarship writing jobs. You will need to provide your future employment offers with samples of your work.If this is your first assignment, you may need to create a few samples to provide.

In any case, you may also need quite a bit of training in the areas in which you will write. For example, if you plan to write on technical subjects you will need to know about these as well as learning how to write. Once you have the required knowledge, you can begin your search for jobs.

There are many businesses that use these specific skills to help generate the money they need to fund the business, research, or study they plan to do. In your specialized area, like that of technical writing jobs, you will need to find businesses that do these things. You can find a wide range of options available online to you in your field.

You will need to present yourself as a worthy candidate by providing good skills and good work ethics. Job vacancies are out there, in great numbers in certain fields. Employment with them will be based on your skills and attitude. Opportunities in your field are waiting for you to open their door.

by: Niall Cinneide

The Complete Guide to Writing Effective College Applications & Essays for Admission and Scholarships The Complete Guide to Writing Effective College Applications & Essays for Admission and Scholarships

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