Writing Resume Objective(s)
Why You Need A Good One

Writing resume objective - why it's important.

A surprisingly small number of job-seekers understand the importance of writing skills when writing resume objective(s).

Job-seekers, you should understand the importance of stating your career objectives in your resume. You will discover how to present your objectives in your resume to make an immediate impact with the hiring manager.

Why Writing Resume Objectives

Before we can discuss the pitfalls you first need to understand the reasons for including your resume objectives and how they relate to your resume and interview selection process.

Including an objectives section at the beginning of your resume provides a brief introduction to the purpose of the resume, highlighting your career objectives and the type of job you are seeking.

It is very common for job-seekers to include a brief objectives section at the beginning of their resume.

The objectives section can be an important part of a resume, and might be the first thing employers look at. Therefore you should put considerable thought into constructing focused and clear objectives.

Like writing business letters, writing skills can play an important part in writing a resume. That's where resume writing software can help. So, when writing a resume, you need to think about your writing goals.

In the e-book, How To Write A Professional Resume. You will learn the secrets of writing a professional resume fast! This step by step guide shows you the way. Written by a Human Resource professional. Excellent resume advice!

I also like 350 Professional Resumes & Cover Letters: Custom Payouts For Producers. It has 350 Different Professional Resumes and Cover Letters written by certified resume writers. 175 different resume titles and 175 different cover letter titles. It's a great resource.

Doorway To The Interview... Resumes

What is a resume... usually it is the first contact you have with potential employers. It is also where you list your skills and create a marketable presentation so that companies understand the benefits of employing you.

Your resume is also the first (and possibly the last!) opportunity you have to persuade your prospective employer to give you an interview.

Clearly, it is in your best interests to ensure your resume is compelling enough to leave the recruiter with no other option but to invite you to an interview.

If you want to learn more about writing resumes that get interviews, visit a site such as Top Career Resumes where you will find numerous articles and tips.

Or, if you prefer... a cost effective alternative is to use a resume writing service to prepare your resume for you.

There is a way to create a great resume with the live resume builder in just a few short minutes. It's the best builder I've found and really creates a very professional resume so easily. Take a look at it here.

Pitfalls of Using Resume Objectives

You may have noticed that all previous references to objectives focus on you and therein lies the pitfall!

Employers are not interested in what you want ...

If your resume objectives fail to match those of the employer, you will not even get to first base! So keep your options open until you find out more about their objectives.

Some people decide to omit the objectives section and use that space to highlight other abilities and accomplishments.

Whether you choose to use writing resume objective or not will depend greatly on your particular situation.

Roger Clark has an excellent selection of articles with good job resume writing examples posted on his blog.

Take a look at these great writers resources!

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