Writing Help for College Students

There is writing help for college students if you know where to find it.

Where can you find writing help for college students? As you know, college applications require test scores and transcripts--but those tell only a part of your story.

The essay is your opportunity to show the admissions staff who you really are. So you want your essay to shine with confidence and creativity. Career Worm did its research among college counselors and advisers and compiled a few tips for writing the best possible college application essay.

Brainstorm your topic. Usually, application questions are very broad and can be answered in a number of different ways. Brainstorm and jot down ideas. Don't edit your ideas--list whatever comes to mind. Look over your list. Decide which idea sparks the most passion and creative writing ideas.

Open well. "Three months ago, I won the citywide spelling bee. It was a moment I'll always remember." Well, there's an opening no one's going to remember! Use your English teachers' advice of show, don't tell. Paint a picture for your reader. "The Apocalypse was my finest moment. The lights shone brightly in my eyes as I took a deep breath, leaned in to the microphone, and slowly exhaled... 'A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E.

Apocalypse.' The crowd roared with applause, and I knew I'd done it. Victory in the citywide spelling bee was mine."

Be sincere. Let the reader get to know you. Use language that's natural to you (without resorting to slang or sloppy language), and be yourself. If you're not naturally funny or philosophical or irreverent, don't try to be so in your essay.

Get feedback. Writing help for college students is as close as asking your guidance counselor, a parent, a friend, and a teacher to read your essay.

Ask whether it sounds like something they've read before, or like an essay that anyone could have written. If they think that's the case, revise it again and inject more of yourself into the essay. Stamford, Conn., guidance counselor Fran Levin told Career World, "Students should always ask their counselors for their [essay] advice. After all, the counselors are the ones who are the main link between the students and the college admissions officers and they understand academic writing.

Often, they are knowledgeable about the kinds of essays that are trite and those that can knock [an admissions officer's] socks off!" Counselors want to offer writing help for college students as well as make sure they are using the apa writing format.

Keep the language simple and strong. Students, admissions officers, and guidance counselors surveyed by the National Association for College Admissions Counseling agree that correct grammar, clear organization, vivid details, and unique style all contribute to the most successful college essays.

Don't whine, bore, boast, or offend. Remember your audience. Your audience is friendly--they want you to succeed. Don't write an essay that will keep them at arm's length or leave them feeling uncomfortable.

Revise. Then revise again. Good writers rarely--if ever--hit one out of the ballpark in their first draft. You won't either. Set your essay aside, then review it again later to see how you might improve it.

Don't forget about writing a bibliography
Writing Scholarships
Using the APA writing format

Great Books on Writing Help for College Students

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How to Write a Winning College Application Essay, Revised 4th Edition

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The Scoop on College Admissions

What do admissions counselors really took at? Here are the top factors that college officials ranked as most to least important in their admissions decisions, from a 2003 survey, More-selective colleges look at all these factors; less-selective colleges may not.

1. grades in college prep courses

2. standardized admission test scores (*)

3. grades in all courses

4. class rank

5. essay or writing sample

6. counselor recommendation

7. teacher recommendation

8. work/extracurricular activities

9. interview

10. student-demonstrated interests

Remember, getting help for college students for their writing as well as all other areas is easy...just ask!

Reference: Career world

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