Writing Greeting Cards
Using Words To Invoke Feelings

You have decided that writing greeting cards is what you want to do, now let's show you how to do it!

When breaking into the industry, there are some things every greeting card writer should know. It's not easy, no matter which road you choose. But, I do have to say that writing greeting cards is a lot of fun, and once you do break in, it won't be hard to make some pretty good money at writing jobs that most writer's only dream of!

If you are planning to start your own greeting card line, things are very different than if you submit your work to greeting card companies. first of all, it's expensive and difficult. Oh, and did I mention that it's expensive?

Don't let that discourage you if that's what you want to do. I am the first one to say, the heck with it, and just do it the way I want. But, I did promise to be painfully honest here, didn't I?

Okay, we will go over the details for both options. So read on, think about things and then decide!

Are you ready?

The easiest way to get started...start submitting your work to greeting card companies.

Submit Your Ideas to Greeting Card Companies

When writing greeting cards, remember, greeting card companies have their own specific guidelines for submitting both verses for greeting cards and artwork. Two really good resources for finding additional information about greeting card companies and their requirements are:

They have all the requirements for submitting your work, offer contact information, tell you how to contact them, give addresses and phone numbers, offer tips on how to submit, and also have their website addresses where you can locate even more information.

They really are a must have resource!

When writing greeting cards, being organized can make the journey a lot smoother. So, don't stop there if you want to find more information about writing for greeting card companies. You will definitely want to check out all trade magazines.

  • Progressive Greetings Worldwide is a leading trade magazine for the greeting card industry and the official magazine of the Greeting Card Association. The editorials and advertisements provide insight into publishers, new products, industry issues, and news of the day. It's not the easiest magazine to find, so, don't sweat it if you can't locate it. Other trade to see are:
  • Greeting Card Industry Directory - It's a complete guide to the industry, this Directory features the names and addresses of more than 3,000 publishers and suppliers within the greeting card industry located in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more.
  • Directory of Greeting Card Sales Representatives & Distributors - A detailed listing of over 100 companies and individual sales reps and distributors, headquartered in the U.S., which represent greeting card and stationery publishers and distribute products at the wholesale level to retailers.

The more you learn about the greeting card industry, the better your chances are of breaking in quickly and rising to and staying on top of the field. So here are a few tips to get you moving quickly.

Tips For getting started writing greeting cards

  • When writing greeting cards, think about how you look for and choose a card. Keep this in mind as you write.
  • If you think you've heard it or seen it before, then forget it. No one wants to keep recycling an old, worn out idea! A great way to stay original is to stay current with the news and events that are happening in the world. Like Jay Leno's writers do!
  • Successful greeting cards are those that are short and snappy. When writing greeting cards, focus on working with ideas that have a one or two sentence front and a really good one liner on the inside. Most of the time, a card has to catch your attention quickly. a glance is all it gets. So short and snappy usually wins.
  • Check out what the greeting card companies want before you begin working on ideas. They won't accept unsolicited ideas, no matter how clever you think they are!
  • Birthday cards are the most popular kind of card and usually the biggest seller. So, it's a good idea for beginners to try their hand at working on birthday ideas. It may be the best opportunity for breaking in to the biz quickly.
  • Think about the kinds of cards you like. If you like a certain type of card you can probably write one too!
  • Choose a few occasions when someone would buy cards and design a few. Then ask for feedback from friends and family...if you dare!
  • Have a complete concept in mind when you write your message. You should be able to visualize exactly what the card looks like. Then be clear when you submit your idea to the card company.
  • Don't take rejection too seriously! Sometimes it just means that a specific company doesn't need that theme right now. It does not mean another company can't use it.
  • Understand the terms of the agreement before signing. Writer's tend to get pretty excited when the note they receive is an acceptance! Stay cool and read all the terms! Usually they will buy all rights to your idea, but know what your signing so you can decide if it's what you want.
  • Keep track of all submissions. It can get pretty confusing when you are submitting several different ideas to several companies. You don't want to submit an idea twice and look like a newbie! Set up a system before you start and keep track of your winners! (Who bought what and when.)
  • Stay focused. It's really easy to start freaking out over not hearing from a certain company about an idea you just thought was terrific. Remember, they get lots of submissions so give them a break. They want to love your ideas!
  • Writing greeting cards is fun. Enjoy yourself!
  • Be nice!

Here is list of greeting card companies that currently buy freelance work.

Please be sure to check what the greeting card companies before you begin working on your ideas.

Want to start your own greeting card home biz?

You can be a greeting card writer.

Make your own greeting cards!

Write & Publish ebooks.

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