Writing a Resignation Letter

What Should You Say?

Writing a resignation letter? The ideal resignation letter is the one that is short and to the point.

Writing business letters of any kind can be difficult, but writing a resignation letter is pretty much the one that gets you all messed up. After all, what do you say?

So, it's resignation time. The time has come to move on from your present job and find something different.

It's not important why you feel you need to move on, whatever your reasons, you don't have to explain them, unless you want to but now it time to reach out for a writing pad and begin drafting your resignation letter.

So, what do you do?

  • Should you give a list of reasons why you are leaving?
  • Should you feel guilty about leaving your team and the organization in a lurch?
  • Should you give a list of reasons about how badly you were treated?
  • Should you get sentimental and list out all that you gained and how wonderful it was?

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Writing a resignation letter can be stressful. The ideal resignation letter is the one that is short and to the point. Give the date of resignation and inquire when the organization could let you go.

The more detail you go into the more explanations follow. Giving reasons for leaving could be open to all kinds of misinterpretations, so a simple “I would like to resign from the post of xx as on this date” would do.

There is no need to feel guilty about leaving the organization in a lurch because it is a professional relationship and just as you have a right to your career opportunities, the organization also has a right to throw you out when it does not need you.

So there is really no need to feel guilt. But yes, if the job requires that you train someone else or to finish something that you have begun, it is only fair that you complete that part.

If you are quitting due to some bad experiences, it is not a great idea to put that on paper because then the organization might get wary about your motives and stall the process.

Just as well there is no need to get all sentimental about the organization because if for some reason you have to sue the employer, your letter will make it rather difficult to prove that you had a difficult time in the organization.

All these issues point out in one direction. When it comes to the resignation letter, keep it simple and straight, courteous and formal. Add a touch of gratitude because it always pays to be grateful. And most importantly keep it in mind that you may have to seek a reference from your ex-employers at some point of time in the future.

Business letter writing include all types of letters including writing a business plan, writing a cover letter, writing a resume, and of course the dreaded resignation letter.

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Writing a resignation letter?

Here is a little help if you don't think your writing skills are up to par.

A sample resignation letter would look something like this.


Address                                                                                         Phone Number

E-mail                                                                                            Date

Recipient's name

Company Name


Dear Ms/Mr. X:

Please treat this letter as my formal notice of resignation from Y. I would like to be relieved from my duties as Z in a week’s time. I hope that the notice period is sufficient and I would like to know whether I would be required to complete any particular jobs within this period.

I would also like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work here.



(Name, title)


So remember, the ideal resignation letter is the one that is short and to the point. Give the date of resignation and inquire when the organization could let you go.


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