Key Factors of Writing a Proposal

"When writing a proposal you have to remember the most important part of the process is that your proposal should define the problem and state how you plan to solve the problem."

Writing a Proposal - The Purpose

When writing a proposal, there is just one goal and that is to get your project approved. So, whatever type of project you are working on, whether it is from within an organization or not, you are looking to have it approved.

Planning a Proposal

The planning stage is really the most important part of the process. If you don't get the plan right, then most likely, the proposal won't be right either.

So, how do you get the planning right? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who is my audience? You need to know who your are writing the proposal to. How much do they know about your subject? This determines how you talk to them, and whether you need to give them more information, or to explain certain details of the project.

  • What Information does my audience need to understand what I am asking for? In order to be sure your audience understands what you want, you need to have a clearly stated request. First ask for what you want then state your case on why you want it and why it is important. Be sure to explain it clearly and add whatever details are needed to persuade your audience of the value.

  • How can I be sure they understand what I am asking for?Start by getting some training in writing grant proposals. I like The Beginners System for Writing Funded Grant Proposals. It's an e-book with All the tools for the beginning fundraiser to create winning grant proposals. It is really all you will need.

The writing Style of the Proposal

Writing Style plays an important part in writing a proposal. So, you need to think about your writing goals. What is it you want to accomplish? You want your project accepted for a reason and so you have a lot riding on your proposals acceptance, so you want to do it right. Follow these technical writing tips for a better chance on getting approved.

1) Write clearly and state the purpose of the proposal right away so the reader knows what you are asking for.

2) Be sure to explain the details about the project and why it's important. Use descriptive writing and don't leave out any vital information.

3) Keep your sentences short and clear.

4) Don't try to impress with big words. Keep your language simple.

5) Ask for what you want.

6) Include all the information needed to make a decision.

Write the Proposal

  • State the problem and how you will solve the problem in the beginning of the proposal.
  • Do your research. Be sure to research the problem and possible solutions thoroughly so you can give clear, concise information about the problem and your proposed solution.
  • You need to persuade the reader that your solution is the best way to solve the problem. Don't confuse them with more than one way to solve the problem.
  • You should have proof that your solution will work the way it is supposed to. Add any information you can to prove your point.
  • Your proposal should be financially sound and affordable.
  • Neatness counts. Be sure to check spelling and grammar and also be sure it looks organized and easy to read.


Writing proposals and grant writing jobs can be the best freelance writing opportunities out there today. If you enjoy technical writing jobs and you are interested in writing for money I have added a few links to help you get the training you need to succeed.

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