Technical Writer Jobs
How You Can Work in The Field

Technical writer jobs - getting one with little to no experience

Technical writer jobs are in great demand. Writer's or technical communicators, put complicated technical information into easily understandable language. At least that's what they are suppose to do. This is why technical writer jobs are so important!

You know when you buy a new DVD player or exercise equipment, it comes with a manual that tells you about how to make it work. It explains all the great features and helps you to become familiar with your new toy.

Now what would happen if that manual was in a language you didn't understand? Well, you get my point. Technical writers need to write simple directions that a five year old can understand.

Some of the documents they produce are are operating instructions, how-to manuals, assembly instructions, and other documentation needed for online help and by technical support staff, consumers, and other users within the company or industry.

There are so many different types of writing jobs, and so many writing styles, but in technical writing the one thing there is none of is creative writing ideas. So, if writing fiction is your thing, you might want to re-evaluate your choice.

But, if technical writing jobs sounds like something you might be interested in doing you are probably wondering how you can get started and where you can find one of these technical writer jobs.

Education and Training

Employers may look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, often preferring those with a major in communications, English or journalism. Some technical writing jobs may require both experience and either a degree or knowledge in a specialized field. For example, computers, engineering, or one of the sciences; others prefer a background in liberal arts.

In some cases, knowledge of a second language is helpful and can help to broaden your job search. Experience in Web design and computer graphics also is helpful, because of the growing use of online technical documentation.

Technical writer jobs also require writers to have excellent writing and communication skills and be able to express ideas clearly and logically in a variety of media.

Employment in the Field

There are technical writers in almost every industry, but they are concentrated in industries related to computer systems and software, publishing, science, and engineering. The computer systems design industry employs the most technical writers. Also, there are many freelance technical writers that work in all of these fields and do very well.

Finding a Job

There are several ways to find a technical writer job.

  • Join the STC - This is the professional organization for technical communicators called the Society for technical communication.

    Although this will not get you a technical writing job, it can bring you into contact with many people to network with, who can help you in your career.

  • Search technical writing sites for jobs

  • Create a Book of Writing SamplesYour sample book does not have to be all technical writing, but I would recommend that there is at least one sample that consists of some type of instructions to something. It's important to have technical writing examples to show. Obviously, if you are focusing on the technical writing field, you want to build a book that displays your talent in that area.

  • Get an Internship. An internship is when you work for a company for a specified period of time for little or no pay. Internships are great to gain experience and contacts in the field. They are frequently offered through colleges or universities, but you can attempt to set one up yourself. Just find companies you'd like to work for, then contact their Human Resources departments to see if they are interested in obtaining two months of free labor. Be sure to write down the names of the people you meet and ask for referrals if you have done a good job.

  • Study Technical Writing These are the best books on Technical Writing that I have found.

             * Technical Writing 101

             * The Complete Guide to Writing & Producing Technical Manuals

             * Handbook of Technical Writing

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