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The Easy Way To Start a Profitable Business Self Publishing Online, Working From Home

Have you always wanted to try self publishing online by creating a money making website of your own, but just didn't know where to start?

It's amazing that with all the information out there, we can still be confused on how to actually do it, and make it successful. But it doesn't have to be difficult.

Not that long ago I was in your shoes. I'm a writer and was really tired of scraping by and always having to market myself to get paid. I had always wanted to try self publishing online, you know, having a real money-making web business but every time I began to look into it, the information just became overwhelming and confusing.

But Site Build It and the Action Guide makes the whole process really easy. The Action Guide is a play-by-play plan laid out in ebook form or on video that shows you step by step how to build an online business.

If you're one of those who's faced the difficulty of setting up the first, second, or third website or blog, you probably had to work for weeks or months to find all the tools you needed and the time to understand how they work just to get the site up and running. Finally, the payback might roll in, if you stumbled upon all the right tricks and tips and knew exactly what you were doing.

Unlike regular manuals, which are usually just reference material, the action guide is what its name implies. It teaches you what to do and when but doesn't stop there. It explains every detail and then some.

When it comes to action guides, this one stands out, offering play-by-play daily steps to follow in building an online business. Yes, self publishing online made easy!

What Does the Site Build It Action Guide Offer?

SBI! Tools

The Action Guide is a 10 "day" program that takes you step by step through the process of setting up a new website based on research that will help you to choose a money making theme. Self publishing online is a fun way to start a business.

You'll pick up tips and knowledge, learn verbiage and become acquainted with various tools, all of which is built upon in the next "day" of the program.

The Action Guide also notes that a "day" is not a 24-hour length of time. Rather, it specifies a set of goals and tasks that are to be achieved before moving onto the next "day". Since everyone's schedules and abilities are different, some may complete a "day" in a few hours; for others it may take a couple of days. But you always take it at your own pace.

This Guide does not promise that by using the SBI program people will become instant millionaires. Instead it teaches the idea that those who use the program will become true business owners doing something they enjoy. The first month or two will be hard work, and each day and each week you will have to work at what you do.

On the other hand, if you follow the guide to the letter and study it a few times while working on your site, you will make money. And that could be a substantial amount of money. And you'll become a tried and true webmaster.

Of The SBI Action Guide

The guide is essentially a set of assembly instructions for putting together a quality website. Sure, as a new site owner, you could go about creating your own website from scratch using a different website building tool, or you could start using the Site Build It without instructions.

However, with the Site Build It Action Guide, you're virtually guaranteed to become a true business owner. This is a guide that provides all the steps required in making Site build It work right for you. Without it the new SBI site you just bought would seem overwhelming and confusing and you'd be there, scratching your head saying "What do I do now?"

Check out how other's have built a successful business.

Disadvantages of the Action Guide

The One biggest disadvantage is if you don't read or watch the guide, you'll be missing out on some very important information. True, the guide is big and it may seem daunting. It's also full of links to other nifty tools, videos, and webpages that could prove to be a distraction. Nevertheless, if you stick to the guide, all will be well. And the guide takes you through everything step by step.

Why use The Guide?

In my opinion, if you truly want to succeed in building an online business that can earn you a substantial income, then the guide needs to become something of a bible to you. Without it, you'll have all the components for building a business but not the know-how to assemble those components into something meaningful. The steps laid out are necessary and need to be taken in the order they are presented.

The SBI guide is meant to help you to take action in building that new business in the correct order by building from the foundation up.

In order to build a strong and tall building that withstands the tests of time, the construction crew has to dig down deep to lay a foundation and then build brick by brick, steel beam by steel beam until the right outcome is reached. That is exactly why you need the Site Build It Action Guide for your sites.

I'm proof that self publishing online can become a real business!

Take a look at my sites all built with SBI.


north-carolina-travel guide


See how others have succeeded with SBI using the Action Guide writing about a subject they are passionate about.

Some people learn well by reading text. Others are "video learners." The Action Guide has two versions, one is an ebook and the other is a series of videos that "show" you what to do.

Take a look at the overview to see if this is something that you could do.

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