Personal Goal Setting

Why You Need To Start Now

Personal goal setting and is a vital part of organizing and mapping out your plans for what you’d like to accomplish in your life, whether it’s a goal for work and career or for planning your life.

In order to help you to understand and utilize goal setting in your writing career and life, I have asked goal setting expert Wayne Hartzell of to offer some of his tips and ideas.

As an expert he offers ideas and tools that will assist you in getting organized so you can get rid of all the clutter and be more productive in your day, whatever goals you are after in your life.

Thank you Wayne, for taking the time to offer your expert advice and talking with us about goal setting.

1) Why is it so important to set goals?

A) Every organization, non-profit and for profit firm, has both an overall mission statement, and "corporate" vision statement that defines and drives what the purpose and objectives of the organization is to do.

But along with a mission and vision statement, the organization needs to develop and implement sound goals and objectives for achievement. Without goals to achieve, you're just like a boat on the open ocean without a sail, to be tossed and carried about at will.

So too, it is important to develop specific SMART goals They should be very specific, measurable, achievable/attainable and timely for yourself.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, or you are planning for college, develop short and long term goals to keep you on track and focused.Personal goal setting is the way to get what you want.

2) How do we decide what is most important when setting our goals?

A) From my experience in providing goal setting and strategic planning for private industry and private individuals, it is first important to develop an overall mission statement in life for yourself.

What is your God given purpose on this earth? What are you passionate about in life? What motivates you to take action? What are your values in life? Think about these deep probing questions, then prioritize your goal plan around your mission statement and vision for your life.

3) Some of us get overwhelmed when trying to figure out where to start. Is there a way to simplify the process?

A) Very good question. Most people get bogged down whom I've mentored, because they get stuck on the we "can't see the forest through the trees" scenario in life.

Goal setting need not be a labor intensive process, but it is a lifelong process, then never really ends. Life is not static, but ever changing, thus too do your values and mission and life change as your circumstances, values and needs change.

Tackle the "art of goal setting" as short term and long term processes. Obviously if you're thinking about college and getting your first real job, then your short term goal in this scenario would be to complete your college education within 3/4 years.

  • Identify possible school choices.
  • Examine tuition costs for each.
  • Look at pros and cons for going to each school.
  • Examine student loan and financial aid sources for each.
  • How will you pay for school tuition? What about living expense (food/rent/car, etc).
  • Once you figure out the answers to each, then you develop a plan of action, to ensure you complete your short term goal-Getting Your degree!

4) As a writer, I sometimes have so much on my plate at the same time, and in trying to get something done, I find that that I waste a lot of my time.  How can I avoid doing this?

A) Organizational and Prioritization planning. We all know we have but 24 hours per day, no more no less, the key is squeezing out as much productivity as you can within the confines of 24 hours. Personal goal setting can help you decide what is most important.

I've advised many past clients, to develop a day planner and review your personal goal setting strategy often. most PCs through Microsoft office/outlook already have this provision built in. Knowing what you must accomplish each day, prioritize your tasks based upon priorities/needs.

Delegate time each day in prioritizing your specific tasks during the hours you designate for doing this function/duty. Make a habit not to move onto the next task until you have completed the first task. That's what personal goal setting is all about.

Emergencies do occurs and so one needs to be flexible and mindful to this reality. But the general rule of thumb, prioritize and organize your work day based upon urgency/time bound, and keep your tasks to a schedule in keeping yourself honest in completing your duties based upon organizational and prioritization planning.

5) Are there any tools we can use to help us get organized?

A) When I was in real estate years ago, I used a "day-timer" calendar as tool in prioritizing my day, week, or even month. It breaks down the day into manageable blocks of time.

Many office supply stores (Office depot, etc), readily sell these. But there is a more cost effective way already on your PC, it is called Microsoft office. There is a program in Microsoft Outlook, where you can print out a physical daily daily calendar to fill in your tasks, or you can do this on-line.

All you need is a calendar which are free using outlook. If you are a visual oriented person, print out the calendar and put on your wall.

Print out your calendar the night before and fill in the completed tasks do do list the same evening and put it on your desk that evening, so you are ready to tackle the day the next day. This tool will help you to stay on track with your personal goal setting.

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6) Do you have any tips about getting and staying motivated long enough to reach our goals?

A) As a person of faith, I believe 100% in the power of faith that only God can provide. However I also understand that "not" everyone will embrace my faith and Christian views and biblical perspectives on life, which is fine.

However I approach goal setting as a totality of mind, body, and spirit/soul, and advise all my clients to at least be aware of the power that ones faith, and prayer can have in reaching your goal setting objectives.

I believe being motivated and staying motivated is much apart of a positive thinking and positive attitude mindset as is getting the proper amount of sleep each night, the proper amount of exercise each day, and the proper dietary nutritional supplements that our physical bodies need.

Take a look and examine your physical health, your exercise regimen, your dietary needs, and your quality of sleep. Many times, by making improvements in just one area (mind, physical/spiritual), can have a profound impact in other areas of your life.

7) What if you just don’t know what your goals are? Is there some way for us to learn to discover what we should be when we grow up? Can personal goal setting help?

A) I think it is important to realize that

a) goals and values change as your priorities in life change b) That goal setting is a life long process, not a one time or once in a life time event.

If you don't know what your goals are in life, that's OK, start by writing down a mission and value statement of your life. I believe that God created all mankind in His own image, and all mankind has VALUE and PURPOSE in life to fulfill.

Your job is figure out what that is, my job is to help guide you and provide you a road map; but it is you and others who are driving the automobile called LIFE.

8) What can we do if we fail at reaching our goals and are devastated by it?

A) As long as you still have breath to breathe, you still have goals to complete in life. Remember, that set backs and road blocks are just that, temporary in nature. I recall reading somewhere that it took Thomas Edison 1400 times before he perfected the the "light bulb" Can you imagine where human civilization would be had her had given up after the 7th or 8th try?

Adversity and disappointment yields character development. Remember perseverance holds the keys to success....

9) Do we really need to set goals for career and life?

A) I believe the answer is YES....Whether you write it down or not is mute, 99% of all mankind has some sort of goal and long term aspiration in life. whether it is to be self sufficient in your own home business, to become the fastest marathon runner, or to become the vice president of your sales and marketing division, people have goals. Personal goal setting is the key to reaching them.

But I firmly believe it is only those individuals who create a mission statement for their lives and who write down specific short and long term goals for achieving will actually reach their objectives.

10) What other advice can you give us?

A) Be true to yourself, be 100% honest and transparent, and never ever stop believing in yourself and in your God given abilities. Look at personal goal setting as a part of the process. It can only help you.

The old adage still holds true today, "if you can believe it, you can achieve it." Most people would agree with this statement. Conversely, however, "if you don't believe you WILL, more likely than not, you WON'T...

Your ABILITY is only limited by Your INABILITY to Take ACTION...

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