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Every aspiring writer dreams of freelance writing success, a writer's life. But what does that really mean? It means different things to each of us. We will do our best to tell you what has worked for us, offer support and information and assist you in creating that life.

copywriting Samples

Looking for a copywriter? Take a look at Maria Pease's copywriting samples and see if she is the writing partner you are looking for.

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writers resources

These are writers resources that will have you making money with your writing in no time! Writing ebooks, websites and other information products allow you to write and sell for fun & profit.

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copywriting qualifications

You need a good copywriter – Take a look at my copywriting qualifications so you can see that we'd be a good team.

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Health & Wellness Content Writer

Health & wellness content writer. I will help you to communicate clearly & effectively to your clients.

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business copywriting

Do you need business copywriting a B2B writer, my job is to help you make your business more successful. partner with me for your writing needs and have the freedom to focus on your business.

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resume writing examples

Like so many other people today, you need a job! If your resume needs a facelift, you are in the right place. Resume writing examples can help you get focused on making yours stand out!

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resume writing help

Do you need some resume writing help to put your best foot forward in that next job interview?

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writers store

Do you need information, inspiration or motivation to start your freelance writing business? Check out my writers store for writers! Read and study all you want but get going, you can do this!

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writing ebooks

Writing ebooks for Fun and Profit explains how to get ideas for your ebooks as well as how to write, publish and market your ebooks.

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how to write an ebook

So, you want to be a writer and you thought e-books may be the way to go. Well, you are right and how to write an ebook will get you on your way!

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writing case studies

Could your company benefit from the services of a case study copywriter? Writing case studies uses customer stories to gain trust for your business.

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freelance writer resume

Looking for a freelance copywriter to help you create an image for your business? Maria's freelance writer resume will show you how I can help you.

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10 Powerful Marketing Tips

When starting a copywriting business, start out right with 10 powerful marketing tips to get you in business fast!

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How to become a writer

Have you always wanted to become a writer, but had a few doubts? But, now you're ready and just want to know how to become a writer! Well, we are here to tell you how to do it!

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share your finds

Have you found a great book? Fun stuff for writers, like coffee mugs, t-shirts or anything to get us writers inspired to write? Share your finds here! Thanks!

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adobe writer - what is it?

Adobe Writer, which has developed over the years to refer to any utility that produces Portable Document Format (PDF) files and especially to the Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer.

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writing ideas

When starting your career, you want some good writing ideas quick. Writing how to information for big profits will get you started today!

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Freelance Writing Tips

As a freelance writer, you have to stop thinking like a creative writer and start thinking as a business person. These freelance writing tips will get you on your way to a career as a freelance writer

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Freelance Writers Wanted

freelance writers wanted...okay, I'm in. So, what should I write?

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freelance writer jobs

You have finally decided to give freelance writer jobs a shot and deep down you wish to leave your mark in the publishing world and want to earn a name for yourself as a freelance writer.

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