Grant Writing Courses
Learn To Write Successful Grants

Grant writing courses can be your path to a new career.

It's one of the best writing specialties for freelance writers. You can help people, make some really good money and you can take free and low cost courses to learn the craft!

That's right, grant writing is one of the best freelance writing opportunities for writers. But how do you learn how to write grants? Or even if it's something you might enjoy doing? It would be a bummer to spend a lot of money to take a course only to find out it just isn't something you want to do.

But there is another way. You can take low cost and free online writing courses to take a test drive in grant writing. Then, if it's something you enjoy, you can invest in a more advanced course so you will be sure to find Grant Writing Success!

You don't need any type of certificate or degree to become a grant writer but by learning and using grant writing software, you could be looking for work as a grant writer as grant writing jobs are available for those who are good at. It helps if you can prove you have been successful at getting grant money from your efforts as well.

Grant writing courses can help you find out if you have what it takes. The resources listed here are not an exhausted list, so if you find a great course or book I'd love to hear from you and I will add it to the list.

I love home study courses and books because I can work at my own pace and continue to learn more faster than a traditional course would allow. If you feel the same way, take a look at the recommended books. They are very good and you could be that much closer to getting your grant.

Grant writing is a great niche business for writers so if it's something you enjoy, add it to the list of services you offer to your clients!

Recommended Grant Writing Books

Grant Writing Courses

  • The Idea Bank - Offers some great grant writing resources like workshops, videos and a resource library.

  • Non Profit Guides - You will find grant writing information and tools and as well as workshops and many links to additional information.

  • Minnesota Council on Foundations - Minnesota Council's Writing a Successful Grant Proposal will offer you an overview of the important parts you need to write an effective grant proposal with tips on how to present your case so you are awarded the money you need.

  • How to Write a Grant Proposal - This article is a step by step guide to writing a clear grant proposal that will help you to get your grant accepted.

  • Government Grants - is a great resource to find federal, state and municipal grants online and by visiting the site, you will find out how to choose grants for your situation and how to apply.

  • Writing Grants - This article provides you with the formula to follow to help you master grant writing.

  • Funds for Writers - This site provides so many great resources for writers. You will find grants, books, contests, e-books, and newsletters all with the goal that will help writers make more money.

  • Grants For Writers You will find a variety of grants that are just for writers. Get paid to write that book or start your own copywriting business.

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