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You have finally decided to get serious about finding some good freelance writer  jobs and plan to give this new career a serious commitment. After all, you're confident about your writing abilities, you have gotten some training and you have your laptop, internet connection, and business cards ready to go.

You have even gotten a few articles published here and there and deep down, you really want to leave your mark in the world and get paid to write. So now it's time to check out all your options.

Let's talk about a few avenues that are great for freelance writers and the type of projects that will allow you earn a decent living for yourself.

I've taken a lot of courses and the best ones I have found are from American Writer's & Artists Inc. They are written by successful, working writers and will help you to earn great money as a writer.

Honestly, I have taken four courses in order to learn some different specialties and I couldn't be happier. I have already earned back more than what the courses cost me and I refer back to them regularly.

Fun Freelance Writer Jobs

Magazine Writing

Freelancers can find a good opportunities for themselves in magazine writing jobs.

There are many kinds of magazines nowadays on every imaginable kind of topic, be it sports, photography, fashion, women’s magazine, movie magazine, health and fitness or teen magazine etc. Try to get a job with a magazine that fits your interests, for example, if you are more comfortable writing about sports issues, then go for reputed sports magazines and maybe become a sports writer.

Start off with a few niche topics which are close to your heart, say, lifestyle topics and try to stick to these and earn a name for yourself in that particular niche before thinking about working your way up. You will find it is far easier to write about something that pleases or interests you.

With time and practice, as your fields of interests and expertise will increase, try to expand your writing horizons and try out your options with more magazines.

When you start out you may have to concentrate on fillers, don’t expect your article to appear as the cover story. But they bring in good money and are fun to write. Having a notebook with creative writing ideas in it can help you to keep your content fresh.

To make real money, think about starting your own on-line magazine. I recommend Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines: The Pursuit of Excellence.

You'll get insider secrets of starting and maintaining magazine writing career in an informative, easy to understand book.  I highly recommend this for those who are interested in taking control of your own writing career. This is one of the most exciting freelance writer jobs that allows you to have a lot of variety in your work.

Website Building

Have you always wanted to try self publishing online with a money making website of your own, but just didn't know where to start?

It's amazing that with all the information out there, we can still be confused on how to actually do it, and make it successful. But it doesn't have to be difficult.

Take a look at the information on building a website that simplifies the process and sets you up for success.

Greetings cards

When you have an interest in writing greeting cards, you will need to have a few creative writing ideas as well as good software. I like Encore Software PrintMaster Platinum Version 18 - Windows DVD for a professional look.

You may want to write out the content for traditional paper cards and e-cards. As a freelancer you can also try your hand at creating tee shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, doormats or ceramic mugs with funny sayings on them. 

When you see those great one liners on tee shirts or mugs you know that this has to be one of those writing jobs that is a lot of fun.

As with any project, your skill improves with each and every word that you write and besides having a lot of fun you can also create your own store on Cafepress and display your work there!

Resume writing

Another good opportunity for writers is resume writing which, as you can imagine, is different from funny anecdotes or flowery prose creation.

You could advertise your services both online and offline. In resume writing, freelancers will have to use attention grabbing, crisp and professional language. It is encouraging when you find that your skills are being enhanced with more work. Getting the right training can make you an in demand, very well paid resume writer!

We recommend The DIY Guide to Writing a Killer Resume. Top-selling "inside secrets" resume writing e-course written by one of the US's leading experts. There is also a program that's great through AWAI. If your serious about becoming a high paid resume writer, either one of these courses will give you all the training you need!

Writing ebooks

This is one of my favorite writing opportunities! Writing ebooks puts you in complete control of your writing career. If you like the idea of working for yourself and making really great money doing it, take a look at self publishing ebooks and learn how to start Writing E-Books For Fun & Profit. This is a great freelance writing niche!

Check out some great writer's resources here.

Take a look at these writing specialties

Whatever your writing goals, these freelance writer jobs & writing careers can be fun and creative and can have you writing for money in no time. For more great ideas on finding your perfect writing career you should take a look at

How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit

How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit

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