Blog Promotion:
Turning Words Into Cash

Promotion is the key to a successful blog.

Blog promotion, a must for success.

Just getting started is an important first step. Most likely, you have carefully researched what you are going to be writing about and in general, what you are interested in promoting or selling. But you have to remember that in order to find success, there must be a need or desire to have what you are offering. 

You have taken the time to modify your pages to make them both attractive and appealing. So how do you turn your words into a business that earns cash?

The most important aspect is that several things need to work together in order to give you the traffic that you'll need to make money. There are several ways to go about it. You can either earn through affiliate advertising or you can make money by selling a product or service. 

The choice in what you write about is really up to you but there are some general rules that you may have already heard about, but it never hurts to cover your bases again. You always want to write informative content that is unique and don't forget to add your personal touch to it. We should be able to hear your voice and personality and know your subject.

The next tip is to make sure the links on your blog are working properly. No one likes a 404 error message that the page cannot be found. So make sure your blog is attractive, well written and has working links.

Blog Promotion - Getting the Word Out

Next up is getting links out on the Internet that are ranked high enough for people to find you. This is pretty important in getting the word out.

How it works is when a person does a search for a particular product or service on Google, the links show up in the order of popularity or page rank. Making sure you optimize you site with specific keywords will help and be sure to include long tail phrases as well.

Your goal should be to show up in at least in the top ten. If you can get them in the top five then it is even better. The more visitors you get through your links the more money you will make. But in order to get those links on there you may need to write what is known as snippets.

Snippets are brief, usually 100 word paragraphs that summarize what your subject is and the products that you're promoting. There are many services you can use to get those snippets out there along with generating back links to your pages. This is incredibly helpful in getting you the page rankings that you need if you want to start making money with an online business.

There is product called Blog Blueprint and it will help you boost your rankings and traffic immensely. Best of all, the entire Blueprint tools and system is heavily based on 'smart' automation. What is 'smart' automation you ask? Get all the details about blog blueprint and see if it's something you might be interested in. I found it to be a pretty amazing tool for promotion.

The internet has given us so much more opportunity to earn a passive income online, but it's not all that easy. You really have to study the key lessons and use tools that can help you to automate it as well.

You can find plenty of materials to help you learn what you need to know on the subject as well.

Here are a few of my favorites...

  • Blogging Profit Secrets
  • Fast Easy Blogging
  • Badass Guest Blogging
  • A-List Master Blogging Class

    They are great programs that will give you a real head start in creating an online business the right way so you can become successful sooner.

    So once your up and running, you can start your blog promotion efforts. They can include writing articles, using facebook and other social media outlets and even ads to help you get visitors.

    Informative, useful content will help to show that you are an expert in your field and others will want to keep returning to your site which helps you to gain trust in the marketplace.

    That's when you will start making sales and making money in your own on-line business.

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