Article Writing 101 – 4 Power Tips. Bring a Rake. You’ll Need it for the Cash!

by Ali Baraka

Ever wonder how the best article writers are plying their trade? How do they come up with all the information and resources to draw ideas from? It sounds like a daunting effort, but with a little knowledge backing you up, you too can be an article writing pro!

First of all, let me acknowledge the minority of people (those who should know better) who still say that writing articles is outdated. This is terribly wrong and you shouldn’t buy into it! People read these articles online because they contain great information about a great many subjects. In the information age, we should be glad to have such a resource to turn to.

The fact is, people still do monstrously well financially when they apply their knowledge to online articles. For evidence, look to many of the expert authors who are writing regularly, daily in some cases. The ones who are doing this are doing exceptionally well by doing what they do. Follow their example if you want to get on board.

Here are 4 more pointers to remember when you write your articles:

1. Know your product. There are many writers pushing their product who don’t have a clue what they’re selling, and it shows. Though they may not know it, incompetence is quite vivid to savvy readers and the results will manifest themselves through lack of sales. In turn, your thorough knowledge will be a strong draw for you to earn new business.

2. Know your audience. There is little more useful than to be in the mind of the people to whom you’re communicating. Understand what they want. Know their needs and hone in on what you can provide for them via your product or service. This is a tactic used by advertisers for years and as long as capitalism exists, it will continue to work.

3. Use keywords. This is something many article writers neglect. Ensure that your article is replete with pertinent words and phrases that may pop up on the search engines. Your article could end up front and center for the searcher seeking what you are offering. Be careful not to go overboard. Obnoxious overuse of keywords will turn your readers off.

4. Answer questions. This relates to knowing your customer. If you understand what they want or need, you should be mindful of any questions they may have for you. Do what you can to answer their questions about the industry or product you offer. If you do this effectively, it will translate to more sales because you’ve showed that the answers to their questions is clearly in your product or service.

The work you put into your article writing skill is the result you get out of it. It doesn’t take a long time to master. You don’t have to be great, just effective in getting your point across. Continue to work on your communication skills and you will benefit handsomely.

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