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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #026 -- Why Hire a Copywriter?
June 01, 2014

Why Hire A Copywriter?

To Help You Make More Money & Give You More Freedom in Your Business Day.

All businesses can benefit from hiring a copywriter, especially in today's business world where content is king.

But many business people are just too busy to realize how a copywriter can benefit their business. And if they did know, they wouldn't hesitate to start working with one right away.

Think about it, if you could increase your income without having to spend more of your already limited time doing it, and without having to hire an employee working hourly, wouldn't you want to do it?

Here are the ways a copywriter will benefit your business and the reasons you should think seriously about hiring one to help you increase your income.

1. Results - Any marketing effort deserves to be done well and with the changes in how our clients and customers respond, you want to be sure that every word counts. Effective writing that communicates with your audience is key.

2. Flexibility - Hiring a freelancer means that you can plan projects anytime without worrying about what is already on your plate, and you only pay for the projects you need, when you need them. No salary to pay, no benefits, no health insurance costs. You pay by the project, end of story.

3. Experience - You want someone who is up to date with marketing trends and with more than fourteen years as a professional copywriter, I have written a variety of marketing materials. What I love to do is research and write. Your project is very important to me.

4. Objectivity - In order to uncover unique characteristics and write objectively about a product, you need some distance. Only an outsider has the ability to freely ask probing questions, and put themselves in the shoes of the customer which is necessary when writing dynamic, persuasive copy.

5. Cost - When you utilize one of your in house staff, you don’t just pay salaries, but add to that the cost of insurance, overhead and benefits which means that you end up paying a lot more than you have to.

I hope if you have been considering starting a new project like a monthly newsletter, or updating your website and have been thinking about hiring a freelance copywriter, this will show you how beneficial it really is.

It is a simple way to manage all your writing needs without taking anymore of the little time you have.

If you'd like some help on your next project, I'd love to talk. Please give me a call.

To your success!


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