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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #027 -- Whats your story?
July 01, 2014

What's Your Story?

How Sharing it Can Help You to Get More Clients and Help You to Make More Money!

Business people are rarely aware how important their own story and those of their clients can be in creating and growing their business.

Why is it important to put more of yourself in your business?

Think about it, these days we have so much information in front of us. Emails pushing products in our homes, phone calls asking for donations, TV commercials telling us what we need and even billboards sending us messages while we're driving in our cars!

But does any of it impact you beyond feeling like your suffocating under all the pressure? If you're like me, it doesn't. But personal stories resonate with us because we can relate to the experiences of others. It makes us feel more connected and comfortable.

So how can you offer more of yourself?

1. Tell your story - How did you get into the business you're in? Was there a plan or did you stumble in? What were some issues you had to overcome and how did you do it? Tell

2. Motivate - Success stories are motivating and allow others to know that we have worked for what we want and it can be done. Tell about how you got where you are, steps you've taken to get there, and lessons you have learned.

3. Inspire - We all love to be inspired. It makes us feel good and hopeful that if you can do it, so can I. Tell how you were inspired and what the results of that were for you, either personally of professionally.

4. Failures - Yes, it's even okay to show you're human and have had failures in business. We all can relate to failing at something and it's important to show that failing is not the end, but gives us the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

5. Strength - We all want to share what we do well. It's important that we discuss it in a way that isn't boastful, but to show that by learning and growing, we gain strength.

Telling your story is about creating relationships that can grow. We all enjoy doing business with those people we like and trust, and telling your story is just the beginning.

That's why success stories have become so popular for businesses. They tell how a product or service made a difference to their client and we know if it worked for them it can work for us too!

Have you thought about how sharing success stories can improve your business? If you have been considering adding success stories to your website and other marketing materials, I'd love to help!

Please give me a call.

To your success!


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