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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #024 -- website success
March 04, 2014

Website Success

10 Steps to Help Your Business Grow

Your website is an important part of your business. It is a multifaceted marketing tool that should be utilized to its full potential in order to generate leads and market your business effectively.

Your website is where your prospective customer will get their first impression of you and what you have to offer so it’s important to get it right.

1. Solve a Problem - Whenever a visitor comes to your site they are looking for a way to solve their problem, gain information, or get an answer to a question.

This is your opportunity to show them that your business is just what they need. The best way to do that is to show them that you understand what they need by explaining their problem and offering a solution to that problem.

2. Focus on them - How many times have you gone to a website for information and found that they are so focused on them that you don’t know if they have even considered you?

In order to get your visitors attention and keep it, you’re going to want to put yourself in their shoes and identify what is important to them. Your web content should provide useful, informative content that solves a problem while also gets ranked well in the search engines so you can position yourself as an authority in your field and turn your leads into clients.

3. Show them who you are - People want to work with people and companies they like and trust. If you can show them that you are sincere, you have a better chance of having them put their trust in you which leads to them wanting to work with you.

Your website is a great way to show them that you’re real. Formal websites are boring and ineffective because their visitors can’t find a connection. Don’t make that mistake. Show your companies personality by writing your copy in a conversational tone and have real photos posted as well. The more comfortable your visitors are the more likely they will be to contact you.

4. Keep adding content - While so many businesses put up a website and forget it, it’s best to keep your site up to date by adding new information regularly. Add helpful articles, videos and news that your clients find valuable so they will continue to visit your site for additional resources.

5. Get Social - Social media has become another way to get and stay in touch with clients. By adding facebook commenting to your site and using social media buttons to make it easy for your visitors to share your content easily, you are allowing them to help you in promoting your site and your business.

6. Share what you’ve got - The more you share detailed information about your products and services the more comfortable people are in hiring you. It’s important to remember that more is better. Include full descriptions, photos and videos if it’s relevant and provide articles as well.

A website without a lot of detail isn’t going to encourage anyone to call. Think about what you want to know when you’re looking for information. You don’t want your visitors to leave without the answers they have come for.

7. Tell them how to contact you - I can’t tell you how many business websites I’ve seen where it’s difficult to find their contact information. If they have to look too hard, you’ve lost them. Give them several ways to contact you and be sure your links are working.

8. Keep it simple - You don’t want or need a fancy website with all the bells and whistles. It’s frustrating when you’re looking for information and it takes too long to get it because of flashy website extras that delay pages from opening and distract from what your visitor is there to find.

9. Give them a reason to join your mailing list - We all love getting free information that will help us to reach our goals. To get visitors to join your mailing list, offer a free report so you will have the opportunity to connect with them regularly and show them how your business can solve their problem. Free works so use it.

10. Stay in touch - Your newsletter should be an opportunity to stay connected and offer information that will help them but also to share news and new business services. Don’t sell. Nothing will get your subscribers to hit unsubscribe faster. Use it to build your relationship.

If you don't have the time to implement any of these ideas but know your business could benefit from them, I'd love to talk. Please give me a call.

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