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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #025 -- Time Management Tips
April 02, 2014

Time Management Tips

To Help You to Stay Focused on Your Business

Working at home has so many perks! No boss looking over your shoulder, no dealing with endless meetings, not having to deal with the bad attitudes and no traffic jams on your commute!

Sounds great, doesn't it? But there are also some things that can suck all the great time to be productive right out from under us if we're not careful...

You know, checking email all day, heading to facebook for just a minute, only to find you have spent 2 hours catching up, and then there are those household chores.

Yes, if you don't stay focused, you can end up ending your workday without actually getting any work done!

These time management tips can help you to get and stay focused.

1. Limit checking email to three times a day - I know from my own experience that this can be a major time waster. We get so much information in our in boxes and it's tough to ignore. Many experts say to only check your email in the morning and at the end of your workday, but I add the lunch hour email check as well. This can help to reduce anxiety.

2. Have a schedule - Most freelancers enjoy not having a schedule, but this is a mistake for those of us who find ourselves distracted. Remember, your schedule isn't set in stone, but having one will help you to stay focused on your daily tasks.

3. Focus on the clock - Use a a timer to help you to keep track of how long you think it should take to complete certain tasks. Give yourself ten minutes to check email, one hour to write an article etc.

4. Keep your records up to date - Don't let mail pile up for days or go too long to get billings out. All the undone tasks will make you feel distracted and disorganized and get in the way of productivity.

5. Get Off Social Media - Social media is one of the biggest time wasters. I'm a big believer in using all the resources we have available to market your business, but have a dedicated time for that. Being on social media sites get's us sucked in and before we know it, hours have flown by!

6. Learn to say no - We are all so busy that sometimes saying no is the only way to stay sane. Only taking on what you can handle will help you to be more productive and reduce stress.

7. Do complimentary tasks together - Going through mail and paying bills could be done in one chunk of time and it will save time as well.

8. Make a list - List the must do tasks at the top and work down from there. That way if you don't get something done, it's low priority and can be done later.

9. Make phone calls later in the afternoon - It's tough to stay focused when you have continued distractions so try to have a dedicated time to make calls once your high priority tasks are complete.

10. Take Frequent breaks - Allow yourself several breaks to get out of your office and re-fresh. You'll be amazed at how it actually helps you get and stay focused.

I hope this will give you some ideas about becoming more productive. Now close your email and get back to work!

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To your success!


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