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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #019 -- Repeat business tips
November 06, 2013

Are Your Customers Coming Back For More?

Follow These Repeat Business Tips And Reap The Rewards of Client Relationships.

When running a business, keeping things simple is the key to being more productive, allowing us to do what we do best, serve our clients.

As a copywriter, my job is to help my clients simplify their daily writing and marketing tasks, allowing them to focus on their business and the relationships that bring their customers coming back.

Repeat business is after all, what keeps us in business and we all enjoy doing business with those we like and trust. So what are some of the ways to make sure your clients and customers keep coming back to you and your business?

Follow these 5 simple tips and enjoy the benefits of repeat business.

  • Say what you mean and do what you say you will do. It is so easy to do yet so few business people actually do this. To gain trust, you need to show that you can be trusted.

  • Be easy to work with. No one wants to deal with someone who is a big pain in the ***. Be nice, be flexible, and enjoy the experience and people will come back to work with you again.

  • Be on time. How often has someone kept you waiting and just breezed in like your time means nothing? I'll bet it even pissed you off and probably even gave you a bad feeling about doing business with someone that thought so little of your time. When you show others that you respect their time, it says a lot about you and you will stand out as being reliable. Something that we need more of these days!

  • Be honest. If you need more information from a client, just ask. You don't need to try to B.S your way through a project and then make excuses. No one wants to work with someone like that.

  • Be polite and use the manners your parents taught you. Having good manners is completely underrated these days but takes you a long way in gaining trust.

    If you’d like help with your business plan for getting repeat business, I'd love to assist you!

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