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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #022 -- Marketing Mix
February 01, 2014

Marketing Mix

The Perfect Marketing Mix to Grow Your Client Base

These days we have the ability to to market our businesses in so many ways that it can actually get very overwhelming. We know that the right marketing mix will mean more clients, and that's what we really want. But...

  • *We worry about whether we are communicating to our potential clients in a way that they understand.

  • *We worry about staying in touch with the clients we have so they don't forget about us.

  • *We worry that all this marketing won't leave us time to provide the service we are marketing in the first place.

  • *And we worry about how to do all this marketing regularly.

    So what are your options as far as marketing? Here are a few ideas that I have implemented for many of my clients.

    1. A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly e-newsletter

    This is a great way to stay in touch and share some information about your business and what you can offer your clients. You can share success stories, announce new services, highlight employees accomplishments, answer questions or just about anything that is important to your customers.

    2. Social media

    Set up your business Twitter account and have a company Facebook page. It's easy to do and even posting can be easy if you know how to set it up. This is an important part of your marketing mix and isn't as much of a hassle as you think.

    3. Article Marketing

    Writing articles is a great way to help you spread the word about how your business can benefit your clients. Articles show that you know your stuff and allow you to share rather than sell. No one likes to be sold, but we love to be informed.

    4. Website

    Hands down, a Website is a must for every business. But there is no point in having one if your potential clients can't find you when they are searching for your service on-line. Learning SEO techniques or hiring someone else to do it for you is a vital step in marketing your business. The website is the hub of your marketing mix.

    5. Networking

    Networking is a great tool and allows you to get in front of your market. Are you likable? This is a great way to allow for people to spread the word.

    6. Email

    Short emails are always best but remember, you want to provide useful information as well. Attaching a great article that is relevant to your client is always a great idea.

    7. Speaking

    Why not offer to speak to a group? I know that public speaking is the biggest fear for about 90% of the population, but if you are not one of them, this is another great way to promote your business and get new clients.

    We all want to do business with those people we know and like. This is a great way to make new friends while talking about how you can help to serve your market.

    8. Referrals

    Be sure to ask happy clients for referrals. When we get good service we want to share that experience with others. So ask!

    9. Postcards

    Postcards are a great way to stay in touch. It's important to stay consistent and send them out on a regular schedule. Usually every three months works well.

    10. Contests

    Depending on your type of business, having a contest is a great way to keep clients involved. Be sure to have clear directions and a deadline and then announce the winners on your website and in your newsletter.

    You don't have to implement all of these ideas, Choose a few that will work best for your business and find a way to schedule them and follow through for the long term.

    If you feel overwhelmed with putting your marketing mix together, I'd love to talk. Please give me a call.

    To your success!


    If you want to do this on your own, you may want to see what The Magnetic Marketing Toolkit can offer you.

    It includes sales letters, templates for every situation, several reports, and so much more. It's the most comprehensive toolkit I've seen or used. I love this!

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