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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #029 -- Focus on Benefits
January 01, 2015

Focus on Benefits

Make the Most of Your Sales Efforts

Whenever anyone thinks about buying anything, they want to know WIFM (what’s in it for me). Think about it for a minute, the last time you bought a book to learn how to do something, what did you look for?

First, you read the title and description. If it appeared to be what you were looking for, you most likely read the back cover copy and if that sparked your interest you may have read the chapter headings and then, once it looked like it could be helpful to you, you read the reviews.

What were you looking for? You wanted to know if this book is going to help you to learn what you want to know. That’s what WIFM is all about. The benefits of how the product or service will help the customer to meet their goals.

By keeping this in mind, you will be able to create copy that tells your audience exactly what’s in it for them and most likely, they will want to buy.

*Write the way you speak - Writing in a conversational tone allows you to picture a friend sitting across from you and just talking to them. You don’t need fancy language to show how smart you are, you just want to have a conversation. If you do, they will listen.

*Write short paragraphs - Keeping paragraphs short will help your readers to stay focused. Have you ever gotten an email that was one long post? Did you read it? I would bet you didn’t read to the end. I never do. It’s jumbled and difficult to read. Short paragraphs make for easy reading and the purpose of writing is to have your message read. Keep it short.

*Use bullets - Just like short paragraphs make it easy to read, bullets do this as well. Bullets not only break up the page, but you should use them for the important points you want to make to get your readers attention.

*Kiss Principle - Keep it simple - We are a population that is bombarded with so many messages that if it takes you three pages to get to your point, you will lose readers. Say what you need to say but don’t write more than necessary.

*Have a compelling call to action - You’ve written some great copy so don’t leave it to chance that your reader know what you want them to do. You have to tell them. Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Tell them. Buy a book? Tell them. Trust me, a compelling call to action is the key to successful marketing. For better results, be sure to remind them why they should buy or sign up or do what is is your telling them to do. You will be happy you did.

These copywriting basics will help you start and build your writing business although it's always important to keep learning and growing as a writer.

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