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Writers have so many opportunities today that it can sometimes become overwhelming. But finding a specialty can lead you to finding the success you long for.

What kind of specialty am I talking about? Well, you could choose a topic to write about like the financial market, or you could write books, or ebooks and write on a number of topics.

If you are looking to become a writer who specializes in writing ebooks, you will need to understand that in order to make money with your niche specific e-book you will need to make sure you have done a few things right:

• Have a target audience or niche for your subject matter. It could be financial, or healthcare but the important thing is to know who needs or wants the information you are providing.
• Learn how to talk to them on their level and use the words that they use. Learn their language, as they say. Do they use jargon or are they more formal?
• Define the problems they are facing and try to meet their needs. If you can figure out how to solve them in a way that they can easily understand, you’ll have a hit.
• Write like you talk. Make your e-book audience feel like they are sitting across the table from you talking over a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea.

The great thing about self-publishing ebooks is that you keep total control over all aspects of your work such as content, layout, distribution and marketing. You will also make the decisions on how and where to sell your e-book.

And even if you choose to publish your e-book with a company such as Booklocker.com or MightyWords.com, you will receive a very generous royalty of 30% -70%. And in most cases, you will decide how to price your book!

All of this looks really good doesn’t it? Well, get ready for this, there is even more good news. Probably the biggest benefit in writing and publishing your own e-book is that the procedure is rather simple.

• Choose a niche that is hungry for information.
• Do your research and find the problems that need to be solved.
• Organize your information.
• Write down chapter headings in the order you will present the information.
• Write your e-book.
• Edit once then be sure to get help with editing. It makes a big difference!
• Format and design how you want your e-book to look.
• Convert your file to PDF format to preserve it’s integrity.
• Upload your e-book to your own website or an e-book service provider for distribution.
• You are a published ebook author!

There is nothing like being in charge and making all your own decisions. Writing and publishing ebooks lets you do all that! Now you will need to find distribution options for your ebook so it can be bought and read. But first, take some time and celebrate reaching your goal of completing your ebook. Once you do, you will want to take a deep breath and get ready to move on to the next step, publishing your ebook.

Now it’s time to decide how and where you want to publish and deliver your e-book to your customers.

Remember, it’s important to stay focused on why people purchase e-books. It is all about how your subject matter can help them, and of course, getting the instant gratification from receiving it so quickly. If your customer has to wait for your ebook to arrive, they may just decide to look elsewhere for the information and you don’t want that.

There are a few really good distribution options to consider, and I highly recommend that you take a look at each of them. Some may suit you better than others so it's important to do your research.

Here are a few good ones:
• Booklocker.com
• Clickbank.com
• E-junkie.com
• Payloadz.com

These are not your only choices however. There are also ebook publishers, who will own the rights to your work. I would steer clear from them!

The reasons are because you will be doing all the marketing and for all your hard work, they will share in the profits. Yep, you do all the work and pay them! It doesn’t sound like such a great deal does it? It isn’t.

And you can only sell your book through them. Another red flag. This only limits your ability to get sales which also limits how much money you can make. Does this sound fair to you? I’d say no and look into my other options.

You may be wondering what an ebook distributor is. The easiest way to explain it is that they are like an on-line bookstore that lists your book on their site and handles all aspects of the sale. In turn you give them a small percentage of your royalties yet they are a non-exclusive company.

I work with Booklocker.com they already have customers that trust them and buy from them. Listing your book there, gives you an opportunity to sell to them too.

Now, I’m telling you about Booklocker.com because I work with them and recommend them often. Am I getting anything from them for giving this recommendation? No. Actually, they are not even aware that I refer them. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own research and choose a company that fits your own needs. But I am very confident that you will find them to be a good, reputable company.

Please make sure to read all contracts carefully and compare these before you choose one. If you don’t understand something, contact the company and ask. You don’t want to get into something you are unhappy with because if you do, you could end up at the mercy of a company that doesn’t care about you or your e-book.

So read the fine print…PLEASE!

Maria Pease is a freelance writer, author and owner/publisher of https://www.freelance-writing-success.com
For step by step instruction on how you can write and publish your own ebook, take a look at Writing e-books for Fun & Profit so you will see how easy it is!

Have any questions? You can feel free to contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Talk with you soon,


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