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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #014 -- Happy New Year!
January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

Make 2013 The Year You Go After Your Dreams!

HAPPY 2013!

Don't you love the new year? You have a fresh start to reach all those goals you have on your list and maybe even find yourself a new better paying job, a new relationship, start a business, or finally lose that last ten pounds!

It's all so exciting. The only thing is that by February 1st, most of us have lost interest.

But I'm here to help you stay on track this year. I'm going to add a new tip in each newsletter to help you stay motivated to reach those goals!

I know for myself, I'd like to work with a few new clients and in order to do that I know I'm going to have to actually continue to market my copywriting services regularly. Yep, the big scary marketing monster is already rearing it's ugly head!

So, in order to overcome that, I need a plan! And so do you if you want to reach your goals.

So hear it goes. I'm giving you some homework.

First, write down all your goals and then put them in order of importance, starting with the one that is most important to you at #1.

For example, Writing a novel.

Now take that goal and break it down into targeted smaller steps, milestones or action steps. For example, I will have one five page chapter written by January 31st.

Then break it down even smaller. For example, I will write two pages a week.

See how you are going from that big scary goal to bite sized chunks?

So for your homework, make that list and then take just one goal and break it down into small bit sized pieces.

And, share your goal here! The reason is that we can support each other with ideas, motivation, and just plain well wishes!

The chances are greater that you will reach your goal by sharing it. So please, share it on our new facebook page, just for us!

Okay, I'll be waiting to hear from you!

Till next time!


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Talk with you soon,


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