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Freelance Writing Success, Issue #018 -- B2B Copywriting
October 01, 2013

Why Business to Business Copywriting is a Great Niche For Freelancers

The B2B — or Business to Business niche definitely qualifies. Everywhere I turn, I hear how it’s the most secure niche because there’s less risk …

It’s a large industry — $6.5 trillion large — and there aren’t enough copywriters to handle the demand …

You won’t have to “sell” anything because no-fluff and informative copy is what works in this niche, which focuses on businesses promoting their products and services to other businesses.

It’s a dream niche — and if I were starting today — and wanted to make the leap as quickly as possible — I’d choose B2B.

But, how can you tell if it’s right for you?

Here’s how:

Today’s action item is to try one of my favorite decision-making processes: Start a “pros and cons” list.

For B2B, on the pro side you might list:

There’s a lot of work available (it will be easy to find projects and get paid). There is a shortage of qualified B2B writers (less competition). B2B is pretty easy to break into (in other words, you can get started quickly). You don’t have to write hyped-up sales copy (or maybe you want to … in that case, this would be on your “con” side). The pay is great! (Always a plus!)

On the con side you might have:

B2B projects rarely pay royalties (but a You might not get a lot of recognition as a B2B writer. (This may be on your “pro” list if you’re shy or want to stay “under-the-radar.”) B2B is a distraction to what you’re currently doing. If you’d like to know more, you can learn about the B2B niche here. Why are you pursuing the writer’s life? Will you give B2B a try?

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