10 Article Writing Quirks

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Effective Business Copywriting

Be on the lookout for the 10 article writing quirks that occur the most in your writing. The effectiveness of article writing in the promotion of business is an important factor. While everyone raves about its benefits, and there are many, the most important one for writers is making a living with your words... writing for money.

But so few writers know how to do this. Yes, they submit their work, wait for acceptance, and write the article, and are happy making the couple of bucks they receive for their hard work because they can now call themselves "a writer!"

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If you want to accelerate your writing career, Bob Bly is the man that can teach you how.

I personally own all his books and courses and am so lucky I found him. It's hard enough being a writer, but being a poor writer is worse! You really don't have to be a "starving artist".

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10 Article Writing Quirks

Oh, if you really are serious about writing articles, you will want to discover how to put your articles in the fast lane to success.

Take a look at Instant Article Suite. It shows you exactly how to lay out your quality article so you can start writing articles faster, make more money, and avoid these common mistakes.

Now, on what you should avoid:

  • Too much junk- You can’t even imagine the amount of rehashed material that is being passed off as something in which the reader can find valuable. Some writers rush to put out their work putting quantity over quality. You will need some really good creative writing ideas, it pays to be original when you are into article writing. Research is part of that plan, and Questia's online library plus research tools - where you can search full-text books and journals now can make the process very simple.
  • Takes Time- Due to the multitude of writers entering this field, it will probably take six months to a year for others to become familiar with you and your writing style. Once this is accomplished you can expect some fans.
  • Loss of Valuable Links- While article writing has been important in boosting my page rank, this has not always been the case. Doing some research on some of my articles through the search engines, I discovered that not every webmaster provides a live link in my resource box. Failing to do so is sure to cost some valuable back links.
  • You could be a victim- Of what? Copy-ism. I have seen articles where the writer “lifted” a few paragraphs here and there, did a little editing and presto a new article is born. I guess there is no escaping this as it also happens offline.
  • Lack of Editing- It might take you just a few minutes to whip up that latest article with all your creative writing ideas but those few minutes might affect the quality of your work. Proof reading and editing can sometimes be painstaking but you must do it.
  • Woeful Spelings- Got that one? Proper spelling is important as too many mistakes can affect your credibility. You might get away with one but definitely not four.
  • Grammar- This is in the same vein as spelling. If your grammar sounds like that of a toddler, then don’t expect readers to be impressed. You don’t need to have the writing skills of a poet, but with a little practice and research you can vastly improve. Take a look at the APA writing format for some basic rules for writing or take a look at Ginger - The Leading Converting Grammar & Spell Checker. It's a great grammar & spell checker single-click correction in any application. It saves time and makes sure you get it right!
  • Sales copy – When you are writing to inform, stay away from blatantly advertising your services. Descriptive writing and a benefit laden article will always produce the best results.
  • Too many links- Nothing peeves me than to get an article to run in my newsletter but when I read it through it is jammed with links. These links can confuse the reader and also reduces the potential of your resource box. Be sure to keep your article content clean. use links only when they will benefit your reader.
  • Not submitting your work- If you are writing but not submitting your work because of the hassle, you may want to re-think that idea. Be sure to consider all your options like self publishing online. This is a great way to stay in control of your work.

Are you following your passion? Whatever you do, be true to yourself and be passionate about it.

Avoiding these article writing mistakes isn't that difficult. It's all about paying attention to detail.

These are 10 article writing quirks I found to be associated with the writing and promotion of articles. If you find writing difficult, get some copywriting training and learn copywriting basics that will help you to become a better writer.

And I did say ten items but I will just throw in an extra. What is it? Go ahead and proceed with your article writing. While there are some negatives it does work. Why would I be writing this one if it didn’t?

By guest writer Nicholas Dixon

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